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How It Works...

Retailer Rebate Rewards is an online retail rebate rewards program. The reward code you received qualifies you to participate in the program to earn rewards up to the full value indicated on your certificate. Once you register your reward code, you will need to print out your monthly savings vouchers. For each month that you send in $100 or more (before taxes and after discounts) in original receipts for qualified items from an approved store, along with the savings voucher from that month, we will send you a $25 gift card or substitute reward of equal or greater value. You are eligible to repeat this in consecutive months until you've reached the full value of your reward.

All redeemed vouchers and recipts are processed within 30 days of Retailer Rebate Rewards receiving your information.

Quick Tips

If you were not given a reward code, or lost your reward code, you'll need to contact the business that gave you your code. Retailer Rebate Rewards does not issue reward codes directly to consumers.

Your Retailer Rebate Rewards Code is not cash, it is not a gift certificate, it is not transferable, and it may not be used in any physical store or online. It is only redeemable on this website.

If you receive an error during the registration process, please re-check your code. Often, it's simply a typing error. Rewards codes are CASE SENSITIVE.


Your first step is to register your reward. You can only do that on the Retailer Rebate Rewards website. Just locate your reward code, and enter it along with the other information requested on our online registration page.

NOTE: Your reward may be redeemed only once, and only by you. Retailer Rebate Rewards tracks redemption activity for all Redemption Codes and all users. Multiple redemptions or giving or selling a Redemption Code to someone else will result in immediate de-activation of the code.

  Step 2: Print Your Voucher

When you complete your online registration, your rewards voucher will be sent to the email address you've provided. In order to participate in this program you must have a valid email addresss. You can also print your voucher directly from our website after you register. Participants in the rewards program are responsible for printing their own vouchers.

  Step 3: Mail-in Your Receipts & Voucher

Once the month of your first voucher has begun, you're ready to collect receipts.
Here's a handy checklist to keep in mind when collecting your receipts:
  • Your receipts must be from an approved store.
  • Your receipts must total $100 or more (before taxes and after any coupons are applied) and be qualified purchases.
  • Your purchases cannot be paid for with a gift card or store credit - cash, check or bank/credit card only.
  • Your receipts must be originals. They must include the name of the store. They must be dated.
  • Receipts sent in can be from multiple approved retailers during the same month.